DISC Analysis

The DISC Profiles

There are a number of personality assessment tools available in the marketplace; most, if not all, stem from the research and writings of the famed psychologist, Carl Jung.  After years of experience using a number of these assessment tools, we believe that the DISC Profile is one of the best, if not the very best, in the field. Why?

  • DISC is easy to administer, the report that is generated has a 93% to 97% accuracy factor.
  • The report clearly identifies the major strengths and weaknesses of the person taking the instrument.  It also identifies the values the person brings to an organization as well as how the individual communicates and how the individual best receives communication from others.

Each Report contains at least nine pages of detailed information and helps the individual take that step towards personal wisdom. It also can help a potential employer identify those strengths that will suggest success in a work position.