Dr. Jack Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell is a seasoned generalist with over 30 years of experience as an independent consultant and as a corporate executive. He is now focused on sharing his experience in training and coaching with other independent human resource consultants.

Skilled in personality profiles, Jack is currently involved with individuals, teams and boards of directors in enhancing them individually and in groups to fulfill their personal and professional potentials.  His goal is to develop independent consultants and empower them to enhance lives by helping people understand and maximize their personalities. This includes a focus on working with key executives, assisting them and helping them grow in their role as leaders.

Jack also works to enhance lives by volunteering with local community groups, and working with underprivileged people and youth in the church community. This work has led him to an effort to develop an electronic assessment tool, called B-Vitals, which will assist parents in identifying and coping with children with early signs of negative behavior.